Tasmanian Devil 

Tasmanian Devil is one of Warner Bros.' most popular and identifiable Looney Tunes characters.This is an amazing accomplishment since his filmography consisted of five shorts until 1991 (a span of 37 years) when he debuted in his own series, "Taz-Mania". Taz is another of those Looney Tunes who says very little (if anything). However he is capable of producing a number of remarkable noises! He is the youngest Looney Tune and also the most monstrous. 
The Tasmanian Devil was the result of Warner Bros. Animation's search for a more aggressive (albeit foolhearty) antagonist for Bugs Bunny. The Devil debuted in Robert McKimson's 1954 short, "Devil May Hare," as a wild, snarling, omnivorous whirlwind with an endless appetite who devoured everything in his path. He sent every forest animal - running for cover -- except Bugs Bunny. After a series of failed efforts to rid himself of the devilish nuisance, Bugs placed an ad in the "Tasmanian Post Dispatch" for a "lonely lady Devil, object: matrimony." She arrived in the nick of time to haul away her startled bridegroom.
The Tasmanian Devil's frenzied antics almost ended with that first cartoon when Executive Producer Edward Selzer told McKimson that he did not like the destructive character and instructed McKimson to retire the Devil. However, studio chief Jack Warner ordered Selzer to revive the Tasmanian Devil, after noticing the rambunctious character's conspicuous absence.
The Tasmanian Devil, who later became more affectionately known as "Taz," reappeared in the 1957 short "Bedeviled Rabbit." This second pairing of Taz and Bugs found the two at odds after Bugs has stowed away in a box of carrots headed to Tasmania. Once again, the She Devil came to Bugs' rescue -- this time as a dominating Mrs. Taz. Later that year, Taz co-starred with Daffy Duck in "Ducking the Devil," forcing - the frazzled quacker to earn every penny of a $5000 reward to return Taz to the zoo.
In 1979, Taz appeared as a demented Santa Claus in "Fright Before Christmas," a short in the "Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes Christmas Tales" television special.  
In addition to appearances on the Saturday morning "The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show," Taz currently stars in his own television series, "Taz-Mania," (65 half-hours) on the Fox Children's Network. The show evolves around an 18-year-old Taz who lives in a rustic cave with his father, Hugh; his mother, Jean; four-year-old brother, Jake; 12-year old-sister, Molly and a pet turtle named Dog. When not working as a bellhop at the Hotel Tasmania or eating everything in sight, Taz keeps company with his best friend, Buddy Boar; avoids being captured by Bull Gator and his sidekick, Axl; and outsmarts Francis X. Bushiad, son of a tribal chieftain. 



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