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Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck was an immediate hit in his first cartoon, "Porky' s Duck Hunt," even before he was given a name.  His wacky antics and general silliness proved irresistible to audiences.  In 1938 this bit player officially became Daffy Duck in "Daffy Duck and Egghead." In the 1940's, Daffy' s general nuttiness was infused with the same kind of intelligence Bugs Bunny had acquired.  So Daffy was still Daffy, but with an added sense of sophistication and cleverness.  Daffy' s unstoppable spirit and his unfailing knack for acting before thinking made him one of America's favorite antiheroes.


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"You' re despicable!"
"Oh boy! I'm rich, I'm rich....."
"Hoho! Very funny! Haha! It is to laugh!"
"Would it be to much to ask if we could make up our minds?"




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